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Grist Mill Real Estate
265 Main Street
Saugerties, NY 12477

Elda Zulick, GRI, CRS, CRB.

Phone: (845) 246-3200 
Toll Free: (800) 664-5503
Fax: (845) 246-3901

Seller Information

Use a Realtor For All Your Real Estate Needs

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, you should always use a Realtor. As a member of the National Association of Realtors, Realtors have a strict Code of Ethics and have pledged to protect and promote the interest of their clients by providing fair treatment to all parties involved in any real estate transaction.

A home is your largest investment. Let a professional go to work to keep that investment safe for you. For more information about what a Realtor can do for you

Prepare to Sell Your Home

Your home says a lot about you - so make sure it's appealing. Let your home welcome prospective buyers. The following tips have proved invaluable to sellers and are with your special attention.

Preparation For Showing

First Impressions Are Lasting

  • make the front entrance sparkle
  • trim and edge the lawn
  • clean the sidewalk and driveway

Decorate For a Quick Sale

  • repaint or wallpaper where necessary
  • wash woodwork
  • shampoo carpeting, wax floors

Let The Sune Shine In

  • open draperies and curtains
  • open doors if weather permits
  • dark & dreary rooms have no eye appeal

Fix That Faucet!

  • drips are annoying
  • leaking plumbing discolors sinks

Make Minor Repairs

  • tighten knobs 
  • oil creaking doors 
  • make sure windows open easily
  • repair warped drawers and doors

Remove Clutter

  • pack up, remove or throw out clutter
  • clear stairways and hallways
  • clean out closets, attics, garages and basements

Safety First

  • clear off stairways
  • remove articles from floor which could trip customers

Make Closets Look Spacious

  • clean and re organize closets
  • pack up and remove off season clothing

Bathrooms Help Sell Houses

  • repair caulking in tubs and showers
  • clean mirrors and medicine cabinets
  • make this room sparkle

Can You See The Light?

  • turn on lights and candles
  • illumination is a sign of welcome

Showing Your Home

Three's a Crowd

  • avoid having too many people present during showings
  • buyers tend to feel like intruders when the owners are home

Music Is Mellow

  • but not a good idea when your house is being shown
  • a quiet atmosphere is conducive to conversation between the agent and buyer

Pets Underfoot?

  • keep them out of the way preferably outside
  • pet odors and stains should be removed

Silence Is Golden

  • if you must be present during the showing, be courteous but don't converse
  • buyers are in your home for an inspection, not a social visit

A Word to The Wise

  • let the Realtor discuss terms, price and other factors
  • the Realtor is trained to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion

Seller Mistakes to Avoid

While timing is important, setting the right price can make all the difference when it comes to successfully marketing a home for sale. Today's buyers do their homework, they compare the attributes of properties they inspect and have a good idea of the fair market value of houses then inspect.

House Not In Presentable Condition
Prior to putting the house on the market, its physical condition should be assessed and repairs and maintenance details should be attended to. The house should sparkle, grounds be in good condition with a well groomed lawn and clean sidewalks. The home should be clean, free of odors, and uncluttered.

Don't play hard to get when selling your home. Although having your house on the market is a major inconvenience, do whatever it takes to accommodate prospective buyers.

Be free to show your house at any reasonable time, or allow your agent to have a key or put a lock box on your door.

Limiting The Marketing And Exposure Of Your Home
Be resigned to some inconveniences when selling your house. Let the Realtor prepare marketing plan and agree to cooperate with effective ways to sell your home. you may be asked to vacate during showings or for a caravan or open house. A sign in front of your house is a tremendous selling tool for the realtor, even though it can be somewhat of a nuisance to you the seller. Do whatever it takes to work with/not against your Realtor.

Selecting The Wrong Realtor
The quality of your home selling experience is dependent upon your skill at selecting the person best qualified. Don't choose someone who is a "friend", or a "friend of a friend" unless they have the necessary skills needed to successfully market your home. Choose a professional agency whose track record speaks for itself. The person you select to market your home should make it a satisfying and profitable experience.

Should I Sell My Own Home?

What does a real estate agent do that a homeowner can't do themselves? I've had clients come to me and say, "I tried to sell my house by myself, but no one told me how much was involved! I thought seeing my house would be as easy as selling my car by myself!" One of the best ways to answer this inquiry is to have the potential seller consider a series of questions. Not meant to intimidate, these questions are a good review for a potential seller.

ADVERTISING: Can you determine the current value of your house? Can you write a newspaper ad about your home? How much will advertising cost? Who will answer the phone and what information will that person give the caller?

FINANCING: Can you explain mortgage arrangements to buyers? Can you determine if the prospective buyer has enough money to make a down payment and continue monthly payments? Which local lender has the best terms? Can your existing mortgage be assumed? Does it have a pre payment penalty? Who will be responsible for the buyer's deposit?

KEEPING IT LEGAL: Do you have an attorney? If not, do you have a contract that covers all legal requirements? Are your best interests expressed in the contract. What private property will be included or excluded? Are you able to make proper disclosures of defects in compliance with state laws, preventing future liability to your buyer? Are you aware of lead paint regulations?

SALES ARRANGEMENTS: Can you negotiate sales terms and financial arrangements? Do you know what negotiable expenses are and who will pay them? (Closing costs, title insurance, transfer fees, etc.)

THE FINAL SALE: Will you be able to handle the closing procedure? Will you need an attorney? Who will arrange for fuel and tax adjustments, etc? Will there be a final walk through by the buyers?

These questions and their answers give insights into some of the responsibilities the real estate agent assumes, giving the seller a sense of security. Added to this is the real estate agent's ability to list the property with numerous sources, giving a much broader exposure to prospective buyers. If you are planning to sell your home on your own, remember the Boy Scout motto: BE PREPARED!!

Grist Mill Real Estate   •   265 Main Street   •   Saugerties, NY 12477
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